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I got something to tell ya

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Back with theweeknd stuff

You are about to enter the jungle dimension.

Thank you for listening, share and like. Full visuals at IGTV /zetyus


Soundclou took down my version of often because copyright. The track was redone, the vocals are not even the same as the weeknd often. I was so happy with it. This sucks and UMG suck, there’s ppl uploading the weeknd tracks with millions of plays and sc allows it. I’m just trying to make it. it look like everyone else can make edits and remixes and if I do it, all the Universal Music Group is on my ass




Often remix just hit 10k, this is crazy!!  thnk you to all muchachas and muchachos who listen to it, it means a lot, xotwod 

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[New remix]

You are AWESOME! 


Thnk you for listening, xotwod