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Halloween’ing around or should I say hallohoe’ing? ah


↳ You didn’t.

                      Yes, haDID


↳ Oh ma God


↳ No, please don’t


↳ Oh don’t mind me, just wondering what happened to my hair 

This one is a jam


New BTS It’s coming


yoongi is having none of your shit today jungkook

Let me post about BTS cuz I think I don’t post about them enough. This song is a jamgem

BTS performance yesterday was awesome, and this boy reaction to them is the best thing

He also did this  reaction on the song and its one of the best reaction videos. And truss me, I prob watched all of them reaction videos on yt.

Man, this is amazing. wish I was there. 

What do you guys think of BTS performance?

Did you guys watch the vlive after? here  in case you didn’t. that Suga reaction to Jin joke tho 

btw, I dont know this boy so this is not some kind of setup. If I knew him we’d prob be best friends haha

NBC stream if you are outside US in 5hours, use the schedule to know what hours airs in your country. Red carpet is live on twitter in 3hours

This tho




Who’s excited to go watch Infinity War?


And the new Post Malone Album is out too

Korean war is over. Never underestimate the power of Kpop


This is like the good stuff post, I’ll keep updating it