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Not Marvel tho but the theater

No doubt Strange watched an ending where StarLord doesn’t mess things up and they got the gauntlet out but somehow.. Thanos got it back again?  Now if we talk about Strange not giving a heads up for the Thor aim for the head thing, it’s weird. Afterall Strange needs to know about everyone’s moves in order for his plan to work. It’s weird because if they get the gauntlet out Thanos is still a threat since some would probably want to bring him to justice and they’d be all righteous about it and we’d end up with the blue boy escaping.  But with him dead, that’s pretty much roll credits. Maybe Thor will relive this moment knowing he needs to aim for the head and say it as a joke. It looked likeThanos needed to go through it. In the end and based in the comics stuff, majority of times Thanos got defeated is all about him always allowing his plans to have flaws as if he wants to be defeated maybe he’ll be the one to undone all this